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Dickson Voters Policy Positions

Policy is where the real Politics happens. Where you argue passionately for what you want and against what you don't want! And in the end, after due consideration and analysis, the majority will decide what they want.

Policies vary in importance & urgency. The more important a policy is then more people should have to agree. And the less urgent a policy is then the more time there is to reach a greater consensus.

Once the voters reach a policy consensus it is the role of the Representative to argue & vote for that position in parliament. 

For those who like to dig into the details here is a diagram of how Policy & Representation network together .

To get voters engaged in community representation & policy development we are planning Policy Party Nights

And to allow for the voters to collaborate online to develop consensus on Bills & Legislation we use VoteWrap

At the moment the Dickson Representatives is only offering voting on Bills & Legislation before the Australian Federal Parliament. We are planning to introduce the ability to vote on parts of a Bill or Legislation and to be able to propose & vote on Policies that are yet to become Bills or Legislation


Do you want to be a Representative?

If you want to Represent your fellow voters in Dickson then you can start out by being a part time private representative  for your family & friends.

And if you like it you can progress to represent a wider circle of voters publicly. You can be a general rep and/or focus on representing specific policies of interest to you.

Finally you can throw your hat in the ring to be a candidate for election as the federal member for Dickson.

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