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Dickson Reps

About Dickson Representatives

The Dickson Representative's main goals are to communicate the WILL of the people to the Federal Member for Dickson. And to have fun & make friends along the way

To make this happen:

  • Establish local community representation networks across the whole electorate.
  • Find and support local community and policy representatives who are prepared to sign a statutory declaration legally pledging that they will  represent what the majority in the electorate want.
  • Hold Policy Party Nights where voters & representatives in the electorate can meet in a structured fun social setting to debate policies and pending legislation important to them and to reach a local community consensus on those policies.
  • Use the web application VoteWrap for online collaboration to build an electorate wide consensus on all the policies started at the local community levels.
  • Publicly deliver the electorate's WILL to the Federal Member for Dickson on upcoming legislation being voted on in parliament.
  • Find & support representatives to stand for election as the Independent Federal Member for Dickson