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Policy Party Nights - Overview

“The aim of the Policy Party Nights is to facilitate the delivery of a consensus from the electorate to the sitting member so they are aware of the Will of the electorate on the legislation they are voting on in parliament. It also aims to develop the ability of voters who want to be more involved in their democracy to represent their personal networks via proxies at the PPNs.

The PPN is designed as a social event to make it fun and encourage people to continue attending and to spread the word to build numbers with the goal of eventually representing the majority of voters in the electorate.

The VoteWrap method will be used to provide a clear simple structure to build consensus from the bottom up thus addressing the contentious detail which is where the devil lives.

For those attendees who are only interested in specific policy areas then, once they'understand PPN process, they can continue to work together in a policy specific PPN environment to deliver a consensus on just that policy.

Whilst the PPNs will be conducted under the banner of the Dickson Representatives there is no intention to form the Dickson Reps into a political party. Dickson voters who are already members of a political party are not required to resign and are welcome to wear their tribal political colours/signage to the PPNs. They are even free to encourage other attendees to join their tribe if they so wish.”

Let's Get This Party Started 

If you interested in helping to organise the Policy Party Nights then either contact us or come along to our next Catchup.