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I say that political parties interfere with the full expression of the democratic will of the voters. To me the best model is to have on the ground networks of community & policy representatives facilitating the building of an electorate wide consensus on each and every policy while using the speed and power of the internet to make this process as efficient and effective as possible. This model acknowledges that every electorate is sovereign and manages their own affairs and determines their own policy positions.

I've been interested in democracy since I was a lad. Both sides of my family were politically active via their involvement in the union movement. However, I came to the conclusion early in life that neither the left nor the right of politics had all the answers and the best path was a balance of both. This approach was reinforced when I asked my father, who was a small business man, why he didn't take the opportunity to get more involved when he knew the people at the top. He said that if everybody looked after their families then society would look after itself. Since that time I have always voted Independent. And if there wasn't an independent I voted for the candidate who I believed was most likely to put the Will of the electorate first.

A question I'm asked regularly is why I ran for PUP in 2013? My answer was because my school friend Susie Douglas invited me to be a candidate for the United Australia Party ( as it was called before Palmer changed it to PUP ) She thought that I "took a balanced approach to policy debate". Before I said yes I asked Susie, "Can I represent what the voters of my electorate want even if it is not what Clive wants, or what the party wants?" And she said, "Yes, that is what Clive wants". During my time with PUP I maintained a consistent message to voters and to the party internally that it was a representative's duty to represent what the voters want. As history shows Clive didn't walk the talk of fixing what was not working in our democracy and in 2014 I left the party. Here is a link to the ABC 7:30 report where I went on the public record about why I left. And a recent appearance on the 7:30 report talking about why Clive Palmer is unlikely to make a successful political comeback.