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For a Representative Democracy to function as an actual democracy there needs to be an effective mechanisim for the voters of each elctorate to be able communicate to the elected member how they want them to vote on each Bill before Parliament.

The Dickson Representatives have developed a mechanism to do just that and offer to the voters of Dickson the following Representation Options.


1Unnotified Voter
  • Choose a Community Rep and let them vote with your Proxy in a way that they think best.
  • This level will suit voters who do not have the time, inclination or experience to be involved with voting directly on Bills and want to know that their vote is being used & counted On Bills by someone they know and trust. Register as a Dickson Voter
2Notified Voter
  • Choose a Community Rep and they will notify you how they vote with your Proxy on a Bill.
  • If you don't like how your Rep has voted with your proxy then you can vote directly on that Bill or give your proxy to a Bill Rep who aligns with your position on the Bill. Register as a Dickson Voter


Self Representation
  • Represent yourself and vote directly on all Bills.
  • Or give your proxy to a Bill Rep who alligns with your position on the Bill.
  • This option is recomended for those voters who wish to take full control of how their voting position is communicated to the Federal Member for Dickson.
  • Whilst not mandatory it is expected that voters who represent themselves will either vote directly on Bills or give their proxy to a Bill Representative who will vote on thier behalf. Register as a Dickson Voter
4Bill Representative
  • Anybody who is registered with the Dickson Reps can nominate themselves to be a Representative on any Bill. So regardless of whether you have given your proxy to a Community Rep or you Self Represent you can represent other Dickson voters on a Bill.
  • This option is recomended as a the first step to gain representation experience before moving to the more responsible postion of Community Representative or for those people who are passionate about a particular Bill or policy area. First Register as a Dickson Voter then in the Bill you wish to be a Representative for select the Bill Representative option.
5Community Representative
  • Anybody who is registered with the Dickson Reps can nominate themselves to be a Community Representative.
  • This option is recomended for voters who want to be more engaged with the representation process. As a Community Rep you can start out just representing your those in your close personal network such as family, house mates & friends who are registered as Dickson voters.
  • By selecting the option in the Voter Registraion form to be a Community Rep you will be automaticlly listed as a Rep on this website.
  • If you want to expand your network of the voters you represent you can set up your own Representative page. We will help you set this up and once done you can take autonomous control of that site.
  • This option is recommended as the next step to gain community representation experience before offering yourself as a Candidate for the elected office. Register as a Dickson Community Representative
  • If you decide you wish to stand for elected office as the Federal Member for Dickson then you can do so as an Independent.
  • To do this you will need to get the signed nomination of 100 voters who are registered with the AEC.
  • All candidates standing for the electorate of Dickson who are already Community Reps can sign the Dickson Reps Statutory Declaration pledging that, if elected as the Member for Dickson, they will vote as directed by the majority.
  • If they sign this Stat Dec then they will be preferenced on the How To Vote cards of all the other candidates who have also signed this Stat Dec Pledge.
  • If you are elected as the Federal Member for Dickson and you have signed the Stat Dec pledging to vote as directed by the majority then you will use the Dickson Reps network to inform you of how the electorate want you to vote on Bills.
  • If the elected member has not signed the Stat Dec then the Dickson Reps network will continue to inform the member of how the elctorate wants them to vote. A public record will be kept of how the member votes showing how they voted on Bills and if it was in accord with how the voters wanted them to vote or not as the case my be.