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Thor Prohaska -  Lawnton


Thor Prohaska - Lawnton

"The whole system of Parliament, and the SOLE reason for its existence, is to make laws for the people, with the clear Implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people on the subject matter of those laws" - Arthur A. Chresby,
Federal Member for Griffith (QLD) 1958 - 1961 & Research Analyst in Constitutional Law.

For a democracy to function there must be an effective way for the WILL of the people to be communicated to their elected representative so they can carry that WILL to the floor of parliament.

The current method of doing this is broken. Political parties do NOT represent the WILL of the voters as they are only a tiny minority of the voters and even that tiny minority usually have little say as policy formation is controlled largely by the executive of the party and the donors and other powerful external players.

We the voters need a better way to determine what the majority WILL is on each and every policy. To do this I say that we the voters need to have a network of representation connecting all the voters in the electorate together.

To be truly democratic this network needs to be formed and controlled by the voters in each electorate. It is not up to one individual or group to control this network and its policy position outcomes.

So to that end I am reaching out to all interested voters in the electorate of Dickson to come together to form and operate this network to deliver to the Federal Member for Dickson the WILL of the voters of Dickson with the expectation that they will vote according to that WILL in parliament.

See the 'About' page for the plan to make this happen.

I look forward to joining with all the voters in Dickson who believe that Independent Representation without the interference of political parties is the best form of democracy. Contact me here.


Thor Prohaska
Independent Federal Candidate for Dickson
Australian House of Representatives
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