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Dickson Reps

Community Representative

Anybody who is registered with the Dickson Reps can nominate themselves to be a Community Representative.

This option is recomended for voters who want to be more engaged with the representation process. As a Community Rep you can start out just representing those in your close personal network such as family, house mates & friends who are registered as Dickson voters.

By selecting the option in the Voter Registraion form to be a Community Rep you will be automaticlly listed as a Rep on this website.

If you want to expand your network of the voters you represent you can set up your own Representative page. We will help you set this up and once done you can take autonomous control of that site.

This option is recommended as the next step to gain community representation experience before offering yourself as a Candidate for elected office.

Click here to Register as a Dickson Community Representative